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More than just a party planner

As event planners, we offer event-related services, venues, and travel agency services. Our services include but are not limited to; weddings, specials events, party planning, and decorating.


In addition to our travel agency services; we offer rental supplies, provide entertainment and offer on-site venue decorating. Photo booths, party supplies, equipment rentals & event-related keepsakes, and balloon gift items are offered and available through our Special Events Coordinators. 

Our travel agency services set us apart from many of our competitors. This ability to offer airfare, travel, cruises, hotels and travel accommodations to our clients and their guests serves to fulfill all major event-related services with one company as a complete customized package.

No occasion is too big or too small. We service private, non-profit, and corporate events:

  • parties

  • fundraisers

  • weddings

  • receptions

  • birthdays

  • graduations

  • festivals

  • trade-shows

  • galas

  • conferences

  • masquerade & theme parties

  • bachelors and Bachelorette parties.

  • block parties entertainment & rentals

  • balloon decorating 

  • party supplies

We have been fortunate as Event and Party Planners is to save our clients time, energy, efforts, and money. 

  • Create the overall theme

  • Develop the timeline with project managers

  • Organize suppliers & vendors

  • Ensure the travel, food, entertainment & lodging accommodations are resolved for our clients, clients' guests as needed

Our travel agency services have been a huge benefit to our clients' planning destination Parties, Events, Quinceañera, or Weddings to Las Vegas and abroad. Travel accommodations and amenities to our clients and their guests have proven to be a great opportunity to even make the journey a memorable and celebratory event as well. 

Events & Party Planning Services






Our Mission Statement:

ABC Party Essentials is dedicated to providing customer service that is empowered by our commitment to excellence and creating a lifelong relationship with each customer.

What makes us Unique?

I have been in the event planning and travel industry for over 20 years and have extensive knowledge in planning incredible and memorable events and vacations."

We’ve discovered that the event planning industry has a great need for consolidated "All-Inclusive" services which we offer. 

We are among a few organizations that offer all-inclusive; amenities of a Travel Agency combined with wedding planning, events, party planning, decorating, party supplies, equipment rentals, entertainment, and venue services all under one roof. 

We are an essential one-stop service organization. For example, we’ve managed to provide services to families from baby showers to retirement and everything else in between.

We offer​12 months of advanced reservations, bookings with flex payments on Venues, Event-Related rentals, party supplies, decorating, staff, labor & materials.

The offering of our Premier Venues is our ability to bring the party, decorating service, and entertainment to a Venue of your choosing our travel agency services.

Serving both the client's needs and the clients' guest needs party & event planners; my team, staff, and I can make your celebration exciting and memorable from beginning to end. Contact us today to schedule an appointment 

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