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Terms for Use/Rental

Renters understand and acknowledge that the activity to be engaged with the rental of an Inflatable unit(s) interactive amusement device, brings with it both known and unanticipated risks to themselves, and/or to guests, family, friends, and/or participants. Those risks include but are not limited to colliding with one another and could result in injury, illness, emotional distress, death, or property damage of any occupant(s). Therefore, it is mutually agreed and understood that ABC Party Essentials is Indemnified and held harmless should any unforeseen incident occurs.

Renter MUST have at least one (1) person of average strength per inflatable at all times to oversee the activities during the rental. This person (operator) will be responsible for the operation of the Inflatable. Renter is responsible for enforcing the following rules and rental policy.

  1. All occupants MUST remove their shoes before entering the Inflatable/Bounce House

  2. All occupants are assisted when entering and exiting the Inflatable/Bounce House

  3. Occupants are sorted by their size. Only occupants of the same size should be allowed in the Inflatable at the same time (for the protection of smaller event-goers)

  4. Occupants MUST remove glasses, sharp items, and dangling jewelry before entering the Inflatable/Bounce House

  5. No climbing, hanging, or pulling on the nets, sides, tops, or back of the Inflatable(s)

  6. No roughhousing or horseplay in, on, or around the Inflatable(s)

  7. When using the (wet/dry) slide use steps or access points only and only slide down feet first one person at a time.

  8. NO FOOD, DRINKS, CANDY, ANIMALS, SHOES, SILLY STRING, or SHARP OBJECTS allowed inside the Rental/Inflatable at any time.

  9. Both operator and Renter is responsible for ensuring that the size and number of occupants playing inside the Inflatable does not exceed the maximum,

  10. Rentals/Inflatables that are set up on hard surfaces such as concrete or asphalt must be closely watched to prevent their moving.

  11. If the equipment moves off the provided tarp, damage or staining may offer on the bottom of the Inflatable.

  12. PICK-UP of Inflatable: Do Not deflate the Inflatable for inspection purposes; however, if the Renter chooses to deflate the equipment prior to physical and visual inspection, and prior to the pick-up attendant, then said Inflatable must be re-inflated before it is packed for transport.

  13. Renter understands that they are personally liable for the replacement cost of a new equipment/rental (Inflatable) for any damaged or destroyed rental. For this purpose, a deposit may be required and returned after use/rental.

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