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2/hrs Activities, Games, Music with Gaming Host ($100.00 per additional hour)

Interactive Games & Kids Activities

    1. Provide how many kids attending 
    2. Estimated age range of kids
    3. Whether you have music and chairs
    4. The location at the venue where kids can be interactive
    5. How many boys and girls attending
    6. We also need the name and age of the birthday child.
  • 1- Red Light, Green Light:

    Otherwise known as the Statues game, this interactive game starts with choosing the “traffic officer”. The traffic officer will stand at a distance, while the other kids stand at a starting line. When the officer says “green light”, all of the kids start to move closer (you can choose to have them only run, walk or tip-toe to keep the game fresh). The officer will then say “red light” and quickly turn around, all of the other kids will need to stop in place as soon as they hear “red light”. If the officer sees anyone still moving after turning around, they’re out of the game. Whoever manages to touch the officer first during the “green light” period will become the new traffic officer for the next round. To add to the fun, you can also replace the red and green light phrases with a whistle or two sided stop sign (one side says Go, the other says Stop).


    2- Island Obstacle Course:

    This interactive game for kids doesn’t require any “outside” props, all you need to do is choose an area with a large amount of free floor space and then set up some “islands” for the kids to stand on (such as pillows, cushions, blankets, mats, chairs, giant stuffed animals, etc). Using the group’s collective imaginations, the laid out items are now islands and the floor is not a raging river. The kids will then go around the entire room, trying to jump on all of the islands at least once without falling into the river. The player who touches the floor the least amount of times during the game is the winner.


    3- Memory Tray:

    Put some small household items on a tray (for example: a cup, a brush, an apple, a toy car or doll, a fork, etc), about 15-20 is a good amount to start with. Let the group of kids look at the full tray for 30/45/60 seconds (depending on the age group and level of difficulty you’re looking for). Each kid is then given a paper and pencil to write down everything they remember seeing on the tray. Whoever has the most amount of correct answers is the winner. A great thing about this interactive game is the options to raise the difficulty level between rounds, such as giving less time to look at the tray, adding and removing items in between rounds, or setting a time limit on writing down the items.


    4- Musical Chairs:

    A very popular interactive game for kids, this game has one of the most simple set ups of any party game, requiring only an adequate number of chairs and a music player. After setting up the chairs in either a circle or two lines (with the chairs on each line facing opposite directions), have the kids line up around the chairs and start playing the music for a short period of time. As the music stops, all of the kids need to immediately sit down on a chair, one kid will always remain standing without a chair to sit on. That kid is eliminated, and another chair is taken away before resuming the music. This continues on until there is only one chair and two kids left, which will decide the winner. You can also try other less common varieties of this game, such as “Musical Statues” where the kids will need to stand still after the music stops and the first kid to move is eliminated each round.

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