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Stuffed Balloon Gift Arrangements


  • Each balloon arrangement is completed and shined with a sealer to protect against quick oxidation 
  • These are made to order for Delivery or Pick-Up by appointment only
  • This picture is an example only of what we can do
  • We can create any stuffed balloon gift arrangement for any occasion. Just email us and schedule a phone conference and we can discuss what arrangements your after and go from there
  • Local pickup or delivery only!!!


Prices start from $39.99 & Up.


  • Starting price includes 1/18" Latex Balloon w/ 5x 5-inch Balloons inserted; Topper and Curling Ribbon. Stuffed plush etc is $15.00 extra if provided.
  • Gift Balloons are for you to pop to access the enclosed items. Items are either purchased & submitted items by you or we can purchase and create the desired items for arrangements at an additional cost.


Balloon stuffing makes a unique gift, the ideas are endless of what can be placed inside. We use Premium Quality Latex Stuffing Balloons by Qualatex which are 18inch - 45cm on inflation. 

The Qualatex Stuffing Round Latex Balloon is made from 100 percent, biodegradable latex. Latex balloons are inflated with air.

Stuffed Balloon Gift Arrangements


    Only available locally by delivery or pick-up. Contact us for details


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