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Party Bus

Since we offer Travel Agency Services our Special Event Coordinators can create & customize your special occasion to meet and exceed your expectations. Convenience and professionalism; All from one company.

Party on the Move!

Take a trip down the Las Vegas Strip by asking your Event Planner to order a  LIMO or PARTY BUS to make your experience memorable and unforgettable

  1. Red Carpet Entry (if desired)

  2. Bar

  3. Videographer (if desired)

  4. Photographer (if desired)

  5. Party Music and/or DJ (if desired)

Contact Us For Reservations, Bookings, Availability for limo & "PARTY BUS" RATES

We are not a public limousine company but we do offer such services in our event packages.

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  • Date and Time Requested

  • How many people

  • Party & Celebration Type

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